Interview Questions

Preparation of Interview.

  • » Know the interview format before it takes place. Speak to your recruitment agency who can tell you what to expect, when to expect it and what the potential pitfalls may be.

  • » Dress smartly with a clean and crease free suit / dress, shirt and polished shoes. How you present yourself may be the way the interviewer will feel you will represent their business.

  • » Engage with the interviewer as soon as you arrive with obvious eye contact, a welcoming smile and a professional handshake. First impressions go a long way.

  • » Prepare questions to ask on the business, the job and the working environment. Showing an all round interest will help the client to feel your enthusiasm / commitment.

  • » If you do not fully understand a question, or you misheard it, do not be afraid to ask for the question again. The worst thing you can do is guess what was asked.

  • » Make sure you answer the question you are being asked and not what you think they want to know about you. By doing this it may raise concerns on your levels of communication or even to your expertise in the subject they were questioning.

Typical Interview Questions.

  • » What do you know about our business?
  • » Why would you want to work for our business?
  • » Where and what research have you done to find out about our company / current projects?
  • » What do you think our company / job can offer you differently to your current one?
  • » Why are you looking to leave your current / previous roles?
  • » What would you say to your current company if they were to counter offer you upon resignation from the business?
  • » How much you give yourself between 1 to 10 ? Why?
  • » What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • » Where do you see yourself in 1, 3 and 5 years time?
  • » What are your main achievements to date?

Key Competency Questions.

  • » Give me an example of when you have worked in / managed a team to deliver a project?
  • » Give me an example of where you have worked with / managed a team with a difficult member(s) of staff?
  • » What is your greatest professional achievement to date?
  • » Give me an example of where you have failed to meet a customer’s timescales / expectations? Reason for the same.